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A Pure Jazz Singer

“It was like I had discovered gold. Elena Welch is a pure, 24 karat, no kidding around jazz singer. Every number, whether off-beat or classic standard comes with a deliciously unmistakable jazz flavor. I thought she was good then, but when I heard her CD, Catnip Cafe I was thoroughly blown away. As a jazz singer, she’s the equal of anything I’ve heard in the past decade or so. For sheer unvarnished jazz acumen, she is, in my opinion, about as good as it gets.”

Loren Abbey, Jazz Writer

Excerpt from a review of CD “Canip Cafe” of Dawn Ranch Lodge performance, Guerneville, CA


A Voice In Hilo

“Elena Welch finds a home and audience on the Big Island. Elena is a touch of class with sass, engaging, with just enough irony to keep an audience on its toes.”

John Burnett, Staff Writer, Tribune-Herald

Excerpt from a review of Hilo Hawaiian Hotel Wai’oli Lounge performance, Hilo, HI


Island Jazz

“Elena’s singing style is somewhere between Diana Krall at a cotillion and Etta James at a bowling ally. Diana has that perfectly placed inflection while Etta has that angry sexy soul. Elena hits that top dead center and to both sides. She knocks us all out accompanied by the Big Island Jazz Orchestra, a 17-piece big band based in Hilo Hawaii.

S.L. Smith, Musician / Writer

Excerpt from a review of Imiloa Astronomy Center Concert, Hilo, HI


The Jazz in You

Her unique pleasing voice is clear, both relaxed and animated at the same time on every track. I especially love the cool attitude in “The Jazz In You”, the blazing improv on “Four”… and of course the irresistible story Elena sings in the title track. Purr-fect. Get a lick at the “Catnip Cafe”!

John Simon Founder, J-Dog Records

Review of CD “Catnip Cafe”


A Touch of Class

Elena has that rich and comfortable style that welcomes a listener. The witty arrangements, instrumentation and unique tune list make this a meaningful work. This is a powerful compilation that is going places.

Austin DJ, KJAZ Sebastopol

Review of CD “Catnip Cafe”



Elena Welch is a jazz and blues vocalist greatly influenced by her 10 fun and formative years of living in the music city of Chicago, Illinois. She has a degree in voice from Columbia College Chicago where she studied under the direction of William Russo, Stan Kenton’s musical director. She attended the Stanford Jazz Vocal Program headed up by jazz greats, Madeline Eastman and Sheila Jordan. Elena lived and performed in the Bay Area for 15 years where she often returns for appearances in San Francisco, Sonoma and San Mateo counties. Elena also resided on the Big Island of Hawaii for over eight years where she performed regularly with her quintet as well as with Island Swing Orchestra, a 17-piece traditional swing big band. Elena has been performing for over 30 years in her home town of Chicago, as well as San Francisco, Sonoma County, Big Island of Hawaii, New York, Oregon, Rome, Paris, and Tokyo. Elena is excited for the opportunity to perform at your beautiful venue and connect with a new community of music lovers.

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